Crazy B-Day Party~

Wah, I’ve been so busy! We just had my brother’s birthday party yesterday. It’s been a REALLY long time since we’ve had a party at our place, since most of the time we just go to our other relative’s houses. But man, was it the craziest party we’ve had in ages!


Yummy looking ice-cream cake right?

So all of my friends and my brother’s friends came first. It was pretty calm. We just ate pizza, played video games, and watched stuff on youtube. But then our family friends came…now THAT’S when everything started. The thing that sucks for me is, since I’m the oldest and it’s in OUR place, I had to be ‘in charge of watching over the little kids’ 😡

And since we live in an apartment, they put all the kids in my room. The first of our family friends’ kids were a little too shy and up-tight about going in my room, since my friends were in there(the older one didn’t really like hanging with the ‘teens’ I guess). But some other kids came(hadn’t seen them since they were babies). I didn’t have any toys so I pulled out some origami paper, and I swear, those kids started ripping up all the paper they could get their hands on! ;A; The other kids didn’t really like it at first, but then they all started throwing the papers all over the place. Think it was their version of ‘origami snow’ =.=

And my friends and I were sitting on one side of the room, trying to watch something on youtube. My only guy friend that came got bugged the most(Sorry Justin!) He was wearing my Hello Kitty snaggy since it was cold >.> and one of the little girls kept staring at him and pulling the hoodie back. I got really annoyed tbh, I spent like two days cleaning my room and it just died in a few seconds…Then they decided to just pull stuff out from under my bed where all my bro’s old nerf guns were stored…I swear the new kid(that little girl) almost shot us in the head >.< After a while, all our families were there, and all the kids crowded in my room. 8 little kids and 5 teens stuck in one room….it really sucked for us. So we decided to sneak into my parents’ room to watch in peace when the kids started playing hide and seek, and wrestling.





I think I pretty much gave up on my room, and ignored the kids for the rest of the party xP I’m pretty sure I have some kind of kid phobia now. If I’m around kids I don’t know or even the ones I know that are too hyper around me, I just wanna stay away from them =.=’ So yeah, my friends and I ended up watching Ghost Hunt, this anime horror(?) series. My mom thought we were being suspicious though since the lights were all off lol. It was funny seeing my cousin get freaked out xD and we kept ruining the mood by making side comments lol.

I’m pretty sure my friends were the ones who ate most of our ice cream too xD We tried making halo-halo, a filipino dessert, but then we ran out of ube ice cream O.O And oh my gosh, the adults…were getting drunk. Normally, it’s just our moms singing karaoke, but then the dads took over…and they never let the mics go after that. It was really weird and nostalgic, I guess? It’s been years since I’ve heard by uncles(and dad!) being super hyper, drunk, and singing really loud. ESPECIALLY my dad, he hasn’t been crazy drunk in a long time…he was all jumpy and kept attacking me and my bro xD It was funny and creepy at the same time, so when my friends left, we hid in my parents room and watched more animes. But weirdly enough one of friends thought our family was ‘cool’ and ‘entertaining’.

Knowing filipino parties, they last a REALLY long time. It was already 1:30ish when the last family left, and they were the ones who stayed and sang happy birthday with us for my bro. (After all that crazy stuff, we all forgot to take the cake out to sing happy bday!) Funny how me bro and I were wondering who was celebrating in the first place, him , or all the drunk dads? So pretty much, it was a really confusing party xD Happy 14th birthday to my brother anyways! (Hope you had fun being snuggled with all that hyper sweatiness from dad, lol!)


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