Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)

My parents and I just finished watching this TV program called “Tsunami and the Cherry Trees”. It was about how the citizens and community thought of the sakura trees and how they connected it to the tsunami and earthquake incident in Japan last year. It was a really touching show. I could see how much the people of Japan cherished the cherry blossoms, and I was amazed at all the teachings that were connected to them. It really made me think about how culture really plays in a community. It’s great to see that the earthquake victims found hope and encouragement from their surrounding nature. I would also like to see the improvements, and wish the best to the Japanese people because I know there are still many that are suffering to this day. All those terrible events won’t disappear in only a year.

On a lighter note, the cherry blossoms were simply gorgeous. I have seen sakura trees before, but it was the ones in Washington D.C. It was around 3 years ago, when my family went to Washington D.C. and New York during spring break. I was amazed when I saw them with my own eyes. We were lucky enough that they were in bloom right when we got there. You could see trails of sakura petals even before you got to the site of the trees. There’s just something about the sight of these natural creations that makes me feel at peace, and I get emotional just trying to absorb the moment in nature. Even my parents get absorbed into it, and they too miss seeing them.

One day, I really hope I can visit and experience observing the sakura trees in their native home of Japan. By then, I hope that my Japanese skills will be good enough and that I can meet my aunt and cousin living in Tokyo. I think that these sakura have given me even more determination in continuing with my studies and trying harder in life. Since plants always find a way to grow back after horrible events, then we should also be able to keep pushing forward and never giving up.


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