KRCC: Poongmul Practice


So I started in this summer job program called After School Matters (ASM). It’s for high school students(14-17) in the Chicago area, they have different programs and you get paid for doing them. I was lucky enough to have signed up in KRCC. KRCC (Korean-American Resource & Cultural Center) is teaching us all kinds of skills, like writing, expressing our thoughts, public speaking, body and health, and all kinds of activities to keep our brains stimulated and thinking during the summer. We can get pretty lazy though, I mean no one really wants to do anything during the summer. Plus it’s a 6 week program, Mon-Thurs, so I guess I’ll be spending my summer memories there xD Most of the other people don’t go to my school, so I’m still really awkward around them….and we’re already on week 4 ;A;

The reason I actually joined KRCC was because the main point of the ASM program for KRCC is learning Samulnori/Poongmul. It’s traditional Korean drumming, and everyday we spend half our time learning and practicing. We’ll also be performing in the Chicago Korean Festival at the end of the program. So far, practice has been good. It’s a lot of fun learning how to play the different drums and gongs. I’ll be playing the janggu(the big hour-glass shaped drum) ^^ But man, are they painful >.< We’ll be performing with choreography, so we had to learn how to strap in our drums. We have to tie them SO tight, we could barely breath lol! We’ve also started learning the choreography, but our space is a little limited and there’s too many of us! When the weather is nice, we practice outside at the park. It’s so much fun seeing random people watching and enjoying our practice performances ^.^I’m looking forward to the next few weeks left and I hope that from this, I can make new friends, experiences, and come out as a new more out-going, enthusiastic person.


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