Aurora, Colorado….Prayers to all

I was quite confused when I first heard about the incident. I was at a small gathering for Catholic Fil-Am teens this morning, and someone mentioned it. I didn’t know that it had anything to do with the Batman movie….and to think I had been reading my friends’ statuses about how great the movie was. I almost had a heart attack when I heard Aurora, thinking it was the area in Illinos where my cousins lived, since they also went to watch the premiere.

It is really heartbreaking. People…normal, innocent people went to enjoy the movie. It’s very sad that many of the survivors will have to live with such traumatic experiences. And I HATE it, when the criminals are being described. It’s always “oh, he was a normal guy, no criminal background, was educated, etc.” Always the same thing 😦 But the thing is, some people can just be crazy 😦 Social life gone wrong or something. But it doesn’t mean you have the right to take innocent lives. People shouldn’t have to be in fear of going to a movie theater, or ANY public place….I hope the families affected are being supported and that nothing like this happens again, though that is wishful thinking. This just goes along with what Fr. Thonny told us teens today: That we should give flowers to our loved ones when they can still hold them, and tell them ‘I love you’ when they can still hear it.


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