2nd to the last week of ASM + Crocheting!

Wow, time sure has flown…Today was the last day of the 5th week of ASM. We practiced quite a lot at the park this week with our instruments and just the dancing. There’s only one week left now šŸ˜„ I’m really going to miss practicing samulnori and all the friends I made. It took me a while, but I’ve gotten to talk and have fun with a bunch of other people there, and I even found out one of them is my neighbor! I’ve learned quite a lot in the span of these 5 weeks. All our workshops and discussion really helped keep my brain moving during the summer, and poongmul/samulnori has helped me stay active as well lol xD


Everyday life in KRCC for all us ASM people ^.^

Other than all the fun I’ve had this week, I also learned how to crochet! I was trying to get my brain off of a few things that have happened this week :/ Guess you could say I took it all out on the crocheting. But in the whole process I got really hooked! I was trying to make these adorable crochet plashes called Amigurumi. It took me a day to finish each one I made: a bunny and an octopus called a ‘takochu’.



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