Filipino-American Youth Talk


We really were in the middle of no where…

So on Friday last week, my friend from church, my brother, and I, went all the way to the suburbs (don’t remember where though). Apparently, it was for a bunch of us Filipino teens to get together and talk about our lives. Like how our relationships are with our parents, how to improve it, and talking about what life is like being a Filipino. It was a really small group, but actually it was a really great experience. It was a good way for us to speak out our feelings and opinions without being criticized since it was for people around my age. Plus, I got to have a little bonding time with my friend and brother πŸ˜› Although it was mostly them tickle harassing me to death ;A; and all of us sleeping on the car ride back xP


Sigh…the pain and torture of sitting between a bunch of 14 year old kids xP


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