End of ASM program/Change in Performance ;A;

Phew, I’ve been so busy this week >.< Yesterday was the last day of our ASM program 😦 Well, although the program itself is over, we are still meeting up on Monday and the Tuesday after for some final practices. I can’t believe those 6 weeks are over now. Summer sure did pass by very quickly since I was always busy everyday. Though it took me a while to actually make some friends, but after that everything seemed to be so much more fun ^.^


There were a few people who were eager for the program to end, but I personally wish it wasn’t ending yet. Though it’s taken up most of my summer time, I had so much fun staying mentally and physically active with all the drumming and activities we’ve done.

In spirit of the Olympics, we also had our own little Olympic games yesterday xD It was hilarious competing each other with spelling, riddle, pictionary, charades, and trivia questions. Then we practiced a little of our performance outside in the park. It felt great after we ran through the whole performance without stopping ^.^


Although we were all grossly sweaty, we all seemed to enjoy it. We finished early and spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing games. Β Playing games with everyone yesterday was probably the most fun and interaction I made with all my new friends xD I’m going to really miss hanging out with everyone after our performance ends. All the other ASMers, interns, and faculty were all really great, fun, and nice people. I hope I’ll have the chance to go back and meet everyone again ^.^


Sadly though, we won’t be performing at the Chicago K-Fest ;A; Apparently, our time slot was taken for the Korean War Ceremony. So instead, we will be performing in a rally for the DREAM Relief Day Workshop at Navy Pier. This is to celebrate when the Obama administration offered relief for undocumented youths, although it is only temporary. It’s a day to assist undocumented youths to apply for Deferred Action so that they won’t be in danger of being deported. I think this is a very nice way of helping out the community and people who want to live in the USA. It’s quite funny how we all joked that there’s no pressure in our performance that day xD Sure, performing in a large venue with thousands of people, a senator, a congressman, and a mayor are nothing compared to performing at a festival with some old folks and families lol >w<


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