Chicago Ginza Festival


~Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Yesterday, my friends and I went to a Japanese festival! It was a lot of fun!~

It’s been a while since I last blogged about anything, So I took yesterday’s event as something interesting to talk about. 😛

So my friends and I have been dying to see each other this whole summer, but due to everyone’s different plans and plus my Korean drumming, all our previous plans were cancelled and delayed until yesterday >.< Although not everyone could go, it was good seeing some of my friends there.


So I actually got my friend and I to go to the festival wearing yukatas! They were both hand-me-downs from my obasan (aunt) and itoko (cousin) that have been living in Japan for a long time. They sent me these probably around 3 years ago(?) but I never got the chance to wear them, much less have the courage to wear it by myself!



The food was also delicious! Of course all the things at the festival were kinda overpriced…but whatever, they were all worth it xD Just the sushi was enough for me but I had to force myself to finish eating a huge corn on the cob and some udon that had gone cold xP Everyone was obsessed over the chicken teriyaki too! They were HUGE!!!


The rest of the time, we spent looking at the few merchandise left and watched some of the performances. There were some kendo, wonderful traditional dances, and really intense taiko performances. I must say, there were two little boys performing in the dances that were simply adorable! I respect them so much for practicing such cultural/traditional arts! The performers’ kimonos were also stunning!

Image         ImageImage

My dad and I also fell in love with the taiko performance ^.^ The beats were intense and I just loved seeing how much fun they were having on stage 😀 ❤ It’s been a long time wish of mine to learn taiko (hopefully sometime soon after I finish up with the Pungmul performance).

On the last note, it was funny that my friend and I were the only ones wearing yukatas at first, but then we just kept seeing more and more toddlers and little kids wearing yukatas too! There was too much cuteness for my eyes to see =w= And I even got a glimpse of Joey! (Knwon as Joeyblondewolf2 on Youtube) My friend and I were skeptical about it and didn’t have the guts to go up and say hi >.< That was my only regret of the day :\ Other than that, I had a blast! Now here’s a little something of my friend and I being childish in our yukatas =w=



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