Update on Pungmul practice & K-Fest!!!

여러분 안녕하세요!

Hello everyone!

After an entire week, us ASM drummers had our final pungmul practice today! We did two full run-throughs outside at the park, and boy was it very hot! We couldn’t practice in the shade so everyone got exhausted easily. The first take was quite alright especially since we hadn’t drummed in such a long time. The second practice was a little worse though :\ We stumbled quite a bit making a few mistakes here and there, and not much energy either. It was probably due to the heat and sun that everyone was tired. I hope everyone’s energy comes back for our actual performance and that we don’t make any noticeable mistakes!!!


But anyways, we are finally performing tomorrow at Navy Pier! I think I have already explained it briefly in a previous post, but we are basically performing to gather people’s attention at a rally and workshop going on for undocumented youths. If anyone around the area is interested to see what it is about, do gladly check it out! It will be in Navy Pier (http://icirr.org/content/dream-relief-day <- check out this link if you are interested about the event). It’s going to be quite exciting and nerve wracking performing in front of a lot of people!

On another note, K-Fest is just around the corner! Although my ASM group couldn’t perform in it, I’m excited to say that I will be volunteering for the events! It spans Saturday to Sunday (Aug. 18-19) and there will be programs and food for everyone to enjoy! Everyone is welcome to come to enjoy and discover some interesting things about the Korean culture and community! There will be food and performances such as Korean drums, singing, b-boy battles, and even a new event: a K-Pop dance competition! It will be my first time going, so I’m excited seeing what it will be like! I hope you guys will also check it out 🙂


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