DREAM Relief Day/Pungmul Performance!!!

여러분 안녕! (Again!)

Hi guys! So we had our performance on Wednesday!!! And I must say, it was fantastic xD We all met up in the morning, all groggy and sleepy. Our bus actually came late, so we had to hurry to Navy Pier. Trust me, it was agonizing walking from the front of Navy Pier ALL THE WAY to the back near the Beer Garden, wearing all black plus carrying our drums and belongings >.<” Halfway there, we were already dripping with sweat. But it was fun seeing people curiously eyeing our big group xD


There was barely any time to process everything in my head when we arrived. As soon as we got in the building, we only had enough time to get drinks and use the restroom quickly before strapping in. I was also worried that my parents didn’t know where to go and miss our performance. (My dad especially went out from work quickly to come and watch :3) As soon as we all had strapped in and pushed into a line, there was a short introduction of us and then we started performing.


A lot of us were worried about our space. Our space to perform was MUCH smaller than I had expected, not to mention that there were two large pillars in the middle of our space. That worried us since we did a lot of different formations in the choreography, but luckily we were all able to adjust to the surroundings(we didn’t even get to rehearse). Also, my parents were able to make it a little after we started performing.


That adrenaline rush you have when you’re in the moment is the best part in my opinion xD I felt so hyped up when we started, and it just rose when I saw my parents watching us. I think I was a little too hyper though…it felt like my heart was beating too fast and it was getting hard to breath xP Well, the audience enjoyed it, and so did we! We all took group pictures afterwards, although we kind of objected a little since we were all sweaty. Then afterwards, we had a little time before going back to KRCC so we had a little fun walking around Navy Pier. It was a great time to make friends with everyone (plus I had to wake up extra early to make onigiri for some of my friends xD). I hope I’ll be able to come back to KRCC and do the same thing again!



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