Summer Sewing Project~ Need advice!

So, when I went to Acen for the first time this year, my mom and I were literally drooling over the really cute and awesome clothes Angelic Pretty, Hangry&Angry, and h.Naoto were selling >.< But of course the prices shot gaping holes into me ;A; Seeing that I was depressing so much over it, my parents said that my mom and I should try sewing up some of our own clothes! Though it really fails since I’ve wasted summer vacation and started on nothing, I really want to pick up the pace again and start deciding on things to sew before Acen next year.


But honestly, I’m stuck on how to even start xD I have no sewing eperiences, other than the extremely basic stitches but even I suck at those =.=” So I’m relying on my mom on teaching me….but of course first off is starting with a design. I’ve been searching around the internet looking for some kind of inspiration, so I wanna ask if anyone has any suggestions? It can be on anything, websites, ideas, tips; I would really appreciate some advice on this for a total newbie like me. I just fell in love with these kinds of clothes and I want to try having my own fashion style from now on 🙂 Because I love everything from girly frilly things to punk/rock boyish things xD What can I say, I love experimenting~


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