School Time: CTU Strike

Argh, haven’t posted in so long since school started last Tuesday! I got busy since I had my birthday party the weekend RIGHT before school started. I had a lot of fun, got to reuinte with some of my classmates and ASM friends! Maybe I’ll write more about it later, but the main topic here is: Why am I posting this at 11 in the morning instead of being at school?

Well, apparently the Chicago Teachers Union(CTU) has been striking since yesterday since negotiations between CPS for better pay and schools were not met. So our second week of school was cut do to this. Teachers under the CTU (which I’m pretty sure is the majority of teachers in Chicago public schools) are on strike and picketing until they reach an agreement.

So to say, this is causing a whole lot of mess right now in Chicago. I do support the fact that our teachers deserve more. They are practically working overtime with no pay ever since CPS schools have extended their school days, because their salaries are still the same as before. But I don’t like how they are doing it NOW. The big problem here: is our economy. I’ve heard that they wanted a 20% increase in pay (not entirely sure on this). Where is the government supposed to get that money? Increase more tax? That’s also burdening everyone even more.

Also, they are fighting for better schools and opportunities for children. But who are they hindering right now because of this? THE CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS. Parents have work too, and they can’t watch over their children; and this is especially difficult when their children are still in elementary school because they can’t just leave them unattended at home. Plus, students in high school are really affected especially seniors and juniors that need to prepare for college applications and graduation. Because as we should know: the rest of the world isn’t going to wait for us. Big tests and such aren’t going to be changed or postponed for us, so when we do get back to school, we will be stressed and overloaded with trying to catch up.

Although it isn’t certain yet, the strike could end by the end of today, or maybe last days. I hope they can settle this quickly and peacefully so we can go back and not continue this mess. But on a side note from all this serious talk~ I’m just glad there’s no school so I can have more time to finish my homework =3= (Yes yes….I’ve been a very lazy sophomore….) But kinda hard to just party or procrastinate when you never know if school will continue the next day, haha.


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