Not feeling so alive now…

Been wanting to post some new stuff, just never had the time or anything interesting come up. So it’s been more than a week and a half since school resumed from the CTU strike =x=

Good new for me is: I got assigned the violin for my Beginners Orchestra class!!! I’m so excited to finally learn! I was worried I wouldn’t get my first pick but luckily I was! We won’t get our instruments just yet, while we learn the basics and fundamentals before hand 8(>.<)8

Bad part though: I totally caught a bad cold….I woke up to the worst headache, sniffling, watery eyes, dry throat and lips =A= Ughhh…..I spent pretty much till 4:30 pm sleeping on and off…..but I’m still sleepy and felt so horrible and unproductive…..hope it goes away by tomorrow. I DO NOT want to miss school…It’ll take me forever to catch up….;A;


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