Update~Update~ :3

わあ~ ひさしぶりみんな!>.<

Long time no see guys~ Ah it’s been AGES since I was last on here OxO

Exactly a month and one day haha xD But yeah, I feel really dead from my busy schedule 😛 I’m finally getting a little break since there’s no school Monday, and Tuesday, plus it’s a late start in school on Wednesday. The school calender is so wacked up now…

But yeah~ uhm not much has happened I guess xP Really hard trying to balance school and work…On days I don’t work, I have after-school activities ;A; In a way, kinda regretting getting the job haha, especially since I really seem to suck at trying to get more people to buy sushi :/ Cant really complain much though, I AM at least getting some money to save up for myself.

But on a positive note~ I’ve been trying to catch up on practicing with my violin :3


Haha JK, I really liked this pic ^.^ My mom took this when we went to watch a string chamber performance at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Center. Here’s my real violin(plus Perry the platypus!):ImageIsn’t he so pretty?!?!? xD So my friends and I decided to name our violins when we got them ;P Took me a while, but I decided to name him Aki. (I got this idea, because it means Autumn, and sparkle/twinkle in Japanese. It seemed to fit perfectly since I got him during the Fall AND the first thing I learned on accident was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!) The crazy thing is that the numbers on my violin(to keep track of it) are the EXACT same numbers as my birth date!!! OxO We…we were just meant to be! Lol~

Well, we just got our bows back a couple days ago, so now I have to polish up on my fingerings and bow strokes >.< It’s really hard, and my fingers and shoulders hurt, but it’s definitely worth it! It’s been my dream since I was little to play the violin~ Even my parents are pretty excited, they said I’m the first person in my whole family to learn how to play the violin xD


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