OMG, Long time no see guys >v<

Soooooo~ I’m here in the Philippines right now! Whoot, good thing I have Wifi here xD

So, since my mom won that Filipino singing contest in the US, she’ll be competing in the worldwide finals this coming Friday! We arrived in the Philippines two days ago. Surprisingly the flight wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be….except that the guy next to me took up my space with his darn elbow =^= Plus, I freaked because my iPod fell out of my pocket and seriously thought I would never find it. (Thanks so much to those nice attendant ladies for helping me)

I fell in LOVE with the airport in Hong Kong lol! Mostly since there were sooo many attractive Asians OvO It’s still going to take me a while to get used to the air here in Manila, but it isn’t so bad so far.

Yesterday, I went to the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert in Mall of Asia, and boy was that so much fun! I got to breath the same air as my babies U-Kiss and EXO ;v; The weather was also great too! It was mild and the breeze was refreshing! A great break from that crazy Chicago winter weather right now.

I’m really sad though, because today is my last free day before a hectic schedule, but I really wanted to go back to Mall of Asia, MoA, and go exploring and shopping since we only had time to rush to the concert yesterday. But my mom wants to rest and sleep all day ;^; This is probably the only time in my life we’ll ever come here because my family usually only go to Cebu on vacation. (My dad isn’t a fan of Manila lol). Anyone know if there’s a really good k-pop  store in MoA or in Cebu??? o^o

I’ll be posting pictures as soon as I can!!!


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