Kizuna Project in America~ What It Is & Hosting a Japanese Student


A lot has been happening since I got back from the Philippines, and I must say, nothing but good things have been happening.

When I got back to school in January, my Japanese teacher told us that students would be coming from Japan to our school. I nearly flipped when she asked who would like to host them. I had missed the chance to host a Korean student last year, but I definitely, absolutely, would not miss this one chance. I pretty much stealthily convinced my parents into letting me host one, and after much convincing they finally said yes. 🙂

We applied for hosting over a month before they would arrive, so we were all itching for the day to come!

I would like to explain what the Kizuna Project is for. Although I don’t know all the details of it, here’s a brief overview of its purpose. The Kizuna Project is a free exchange program funded by the Japanese government, founded after the Great East Japan earthquake to give an understanding of Japan’s current situation and their efforts to rebuild the country. Kizuna, which means ‘bond’, is a program that gives the youth of Japan, Asia-Oceania, and North America a chance to help each other out and form strong, lasting friendships. Young people from schools all over Asia-Oceania and North America go to Japan to visit and learn about affected areas and also to sight see. And in my case, students from Japanese high schools come to visit America to learn about our culture and teach us about what has happened back in Japan.

I personally believe that this is a wonderful idea. I myself am very interested in Japan and what has happened after the earthquake. Since I had family living in Japan, and were also somewhat affected by the event, I don’t take it lightly. From the bottom of my heart, I really want to help out Japan and their recovery. My high school was one of the schools chosen to visit Japan through the Kizuna project last summer. I really regret not making it in time to submit the application, so I missed the opportunity to visit. But that’s why I decided to make up for it by hosting a Japanese student.

It is a great way to understand how Japan is coping with the aftermath, and we should be aware that although it has been two years already, they still need as much help as possible. Some things, we must work together to solve and fix, because it is impossible to do everything by yourself.

So next, I’ll be posting about all the fun and bonding I had in the three days I spent with the Japanese students! 🙂


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