Ibaraki and Chicago ~ Kizuna Visits Northside – Day 1

With the day of the Japanese students’ arrival, we were all excited when we got the info about which students we were hosting. I was really excited but nervous since I knew my Japanese speaking skills were still too low to even hold a decent conversation >.<

Host students lining up with their Japanese students to show off to their families? xD Ahaha it was pretty awkward at first~



Everyone said it was like Saya-chan was the Japanese version of me? It would be great if she were my sister xD


After eating, my friends and I did a surprise performance of “Payphone”. It was really last minute plus the fact that we’re only beginning orchestra members so it was pretty awful if I say so myself xD


Then the Japanese class students sang “Hana wa Saku”, and “Yell” for the Japanese students ^.^


We were really happy to see the students look so happy and singing along with us!


Saya-chan was such a talented saxophone player!!! It was the Japanese students’ turn to impress us xD





Our celebration dinner didn’t seem like it was enough, so we had a pit stop at Wendy’s to give Saya-chan a taste of American food ^.^ Though my family really isn’t the best at “being American” hahaha~ We’re all pretty much Asian fanatics…


Exchanging souvenirs after arriving home~


I felt so happy receiving so many gifts (/x\) I received two beautiful furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloths) with zodiac and new years designs, authentic matcha (green tea) powder along with the tea bowl, and also varieties of candy to go along with the tea >.<



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