Ibaraki and Chicago ~ Kizuna Visits Northside – Day 2

The first day really felt like a dream, but of course when I woke up in the morning I knew it wasn’t. I was sleeping on the floor while I gave my bed to my Japanese student. We were both exhausted but very eager for what to expect on the second day.

On the second day, we had a field trip to downtown Chicago! Luckily, it was a nice Friday weather~


Instead of taking school buses like we normally do, we decided to give the students the experience of riding the train to downtown. 🙂 At least it only took about 30 minutes for the train ride there. The walk to the station…tiring xD


It was fun seeing the Japanese students getting train cards ^.^


Keiju-kun and Kawashima-kun enjoying the ride! Wish I had friends like them! They seemed to really be enjoying every minute of our field trip. (Weirdly enough half my pictures of this day were of these two because their hosts were my friends and took control of my camera =x=)


When we arrived, we first went to the Chicago Cultural Center (which I have also never been to lol). We were given a tour around the building, observing old preserved architectural designs kept in the building.


This was one of the domes in the building with really beautiful stained glass.

Afterwards, we had a quick lunch at the downtown Macy’s mall~


Leo and Eita-kun showing off their free samples xD


There were so many of us trying to go up and down the escalators! >v<


Then we walked all the way to the Art Institute of Chicago. It was a pretty rushed tour/free time to observe the art work since we only stayed in downtown until the end of the school day.


Aaah~ Weird red dot on my forehead >.< But Saya-chan and I had a blast rushing around and checking to make sure we weren’t late to meet up with everyone else.



Failure of trying to fit everyone in the picture~


Lastly, we crossed the street and walked through Millenium Park to see the Big Bean!



Watching them make faces and posing was really entertaining!




We were all cold and had aching feet by the time we waited for the train. But it was a fun and bustling speedy tour through downtown Chicago!


We arrived back in school a little too late, but we were able to stick around and bombard Anime club~ The Japanese students gave us a little presentation about Ibaraki and the earthquake. It was really interesting and made us aware of how much Japan has worked to improve their lives. Then People in Anime club were lucky enough to make acquaintances with them and we all just had free time until we went home ^.^


We spent the night relaxing with some pizza and pasta~ Saya-chan surprised us with a video of her school’s brass band concert! Learning violin in a beginning orchestra and being a music lover myself, I was very happy to see her performance, and it was AMAZING! Their level of talent was so much different from any concert I have ever seen, plus it was only at a high school level too!

That night, we really got the chance to know each other. While we looked through pictures I took of the day, lying on the floor, we helped each other memorize the names of the hosts and Japanese students. We also looked through old photos together and she told me a little about her family. We really hit it off then ^.^ She showed me a video of her practicing the saxophone, while I showed her videos of my own performances. (And that’s also when we started calling each other by our nicknames ^///^) It felt like I had gained a new sister and the happiness I felt was indescribable.


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