About Me~


Hi everyone! My name is Francesca, but everyone likes to call me Cheska xP I’m 16 right now, and I am Filipino (Proud to be one!).

I was born in Cebu, Philippines. I grew up and lived there until the age of 7, and moved to Chicago and have lived here since. While growing up, my parents always strongly believed that we should never forget our heritage and keep traditions alive. So, although we are already American citizens, I still label myself as a true Filipino. I can still speak Cebuano since my parents don’t allow my brother and I to speak in English at home xD. I can understand Tagalog more or less, but I can’t speak it AT ALL…still trying to learn though. Instead of adapting to an entirely American lifestyle, I ended up growing up being fascinated with Asian cultures. I discovered and fell in love with manga and anime in 2nd grade, leading to my interest in Japanese culture. Then discovered K-Pop after listening to a song by BoA in Inu-Yasha’s ending theme, and then became absorbed in Korean culture as well. Even in high school now, I’ve learned about the cultures of different countries and have become fascinated in them.I’ve come to really appreciate the variety and similarities in cultures around the world.

I just started taking Japanese classes this year, when I first started high school. As my learning improves, I will also try adding more Japanese in my blogs, excuse me for any grammatical errors. I am still trying to learn. I really love learning about different cultures, trying new foods and sight seeing. I enjoy drawing, playing piano, guitar, taking pictures, and learning new stuff. So right now, I can read hangul, hiragana, katakana, VERY little kanji, I also like doing Filipino dances, and currently learning Samulnori/Poongmul (Korean Drums). I’m constantly trying to improve on what I’m already trying at, but I also want to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I can already say I’ll probably be blogging on and off, since things always seem to come up, and I forget. Plus, I won’t necessarily be blogging about new things. There are a lot of things I’ve done already that were amazing, so I will be blogging those as well.

As my high school life is quickly approaching the daunting question of what I want to do with my life, it’s really strssful and a bit shameful that I really don’t know what to do~ But even if I don’t do this for a living, I would at least like to experience travelling abroad and experiencing new things. If I had the resources, my one wish would really have been to study abroad in Japan. ^.^ But not everything happens just when you want to…..you have to pick yourself up and push yourself to your goals.


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